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Our Special Lunch Box

Lunch Box contains your choice of meat(Beef, Spicy Pork, Spicy Chicken) with potato mac salad, galbi gyoza, egg roll, veggie omelette, stir fried kimchi, and broccoli.


It is a combination of rice, veggies and meat, flavored with gochujang (Korean pepper paste). *** Vegan/Vegeterian option available

Tasty and Healthy Food

At Bowl Gogi, we bring you the authentic Korean bibimbap tradition coupled with over 20 years of experience of running restaurants to satisfy the modern taste.

What Our Bowl-Lover Says

I took my family here and even my picky eaters loved it. The customer service was superb. They made a special small bowl for my son and gave him a little extra when he finished. I wish this place was near my home.

Nikki E.

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